The Energy Savvy Upgrades program is designed to help people who are struggling to pay their energy bills by reducing household energy costs and making homes more comfortable.


  • Heating & cooling use up to 59% of your homeʼs energy costs.
  • Sealing gaps can reduce heat loss by 25%.
  • Effective ceiling insulation can save 20% on heating & cooling costs.


The program includes a subsidised energy assessment of your house plus subsidised upgrades of your home and major fixed appliances, such as insulation, draught proofing, heating and cooling, hot water, and shading.


  • One-time investment, lifetime of benefits – minimum $350 owner contribution.
  • Victorian and Local Government subsidies available.

You may be eligible … ask us today.

Funded by the Victorian Government and Hume Council, and delivered by Draught Busters.
Finance options may also available.
Call 1300 130 364 to find out more.