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Do you struggle to pay your energy bills?

If you live on a low or recently reduced income, are unemployed, have a long-term medical condition or disability or are caring for someone in these or similar circumstances, you may be eligible to take part in the Energy Savvy Upgrades Program.

This program is funded by the Victorian Government, supported by Moreland City Council’s Zero Carbon initiative, and delivered by Draught Busters.

The program helps to reduce household energy costs and make homes more comfortable by reducing energy use for both owner occupiers and people renting their homes. It includes a subsidised energy assessment of your house plus subsidised upgrades of your home and major fixed appliances, such as insulation, draught proofing, heating and cooling, hot water services, lighting and shading.

You will need to pay $100 for the assessment (normally valued at around $495) and contribute to the cost of upgrades. The Victorian Government will match residents’ financial contribution up to a maximum of $800, PLUS Moreland City Council will also contribute up to $2,000! For example:

  Assessment Upgrade
Example A
Example B
Value $495 $3,600 $5,000
Client pays $100 $800 $2,200
Vic Govt pays$395$800$800
Moreland Council pays$0$2,000$2,000

Finance options are also available. Call us for further details. Draught Busters is now looking to recruit eligible households. Please complete the form below to register your interest.

p: 1300 130 364 

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